March 14th, 2019



The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled @remingtonarmscompany can be sued over how it marketed the Bushmaster rifle used in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School attack. This, my friends, has FAR reaching implications which could lead to all manufacturers of a wide variety of products being held liable for the misuse of their products. It’s total non-sense and stupidity of the highest order but it can be used to circumvent our Constitutional Rights by bankrupting gun and ammo manufacturers. But don’t think the same dangerous precedent couldn’t be used to put Chevy or Ford out of business too. The politicization of our courts must stop.

В двух словах, если я правильно понимаю написанное, то Верховный суд Коннектикута решил, что Ремингтон Армс может попасть под преследование в судебном порядке как производитель винтовки Бушмастер, которая была использована в массовом убийстве в 2012 в школе Сэнди Хук.
Вот такая петрушка.